Durable conception

The Solis window well are made of galvanized steel and treated wood, which promotes durability by his protection against corrosion and degradation.

Optimised design

The stepped design of the Solis window well maximizes the natural light in your basement through the galvanized steel panels reflecting the outside light as well as its geometry favoring the contribution of light

Increased accessibility

The clearance of the Solis window well allows better access for cleaning windows and facilitates exit in the event of an emergency.


The possibility of incorporating plants or other decorative objects will allow you to improve the visual of your building seen from the inside as well as from the outside. Solis window well are aesthetic and adapt to all styles.


Solis window well comply with safety standards for emergency exits with respect to the minimum clearance provided for in the Quebec Construction Code.

Different shapes and measures

Solis window well are available in two models (staircase and square). In addition, it is possible to adjust the depth of the window well by adding extensions. The width of the window well can easily be adapted according to your needs.


Solis window well have already been installed on several projects and are always well appreciated.